Kym Johnson Herjavec Speaks Out About Her IVF ‘Miracle’ Twins

Kym Johnson Herjavec is going to be a mom for the very first time any day now!

Kym Johnson Herjavec Speaks Out About Her IVF 'Miracle' Twins

The 41-year-old mom-to-be told People, “I’ve always wanted to be a mom and I wasn’t sure it was going to happen,” adding, “It really is a miracle.”

For those who aren’t aware, Kym is expecting twins with her hubby Shark Tank‘s Robert Herjavec. For the Dancing with the Stars pro, it has been smooth pregnancy till now. The happy couple who are preparing to welcome their twins met when they were partners on the show. The first time mom-to-be said, “I’ve really loved the whole experience.”

Talking about her diet, Kym said, “In the beginning, I had to have French fries.” She suffered from morning sickness during her first trimester. She told the publication, “Now there’s not much room in my belly so I have to have small meals. But I’ll indulge in ice cream — I rest the bowl on my belly!”

Kym revealed that she has done prenatal Pilates two times a week throughout her second and third trimesters, however, she confessed that dancing during pregnancy has been trickier. “I noticed a difference when I couldn’t get down on the ground,” she said. “My balance was a bit off and I was wobbling!”

Now, she’s busy preparing for the welcome of their twins.

“I’m doing the nesting thing,” Kym continued. “We did a class about the psychology of raising twins. It was fascinating. They talk about making sure they have their own identity and you don’t dress them the same all the time.”

She said, “In the nursery, I’ve got a Halo Bassinest where they can sleep in it together! It’s been interesting figuring out what I need two of, what I need one of. It’s a lot!”

“We’re just excited to meet them,” she added. “It’s such an amazing blessing.”

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