Kylie Jenner loves the protective nature of Travis Scott for Stormi

Several stories were made before the birth of Stormi regarding Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s relationship. As per the stories are concerned, Travis Scott being “protective” of baby, Stormi, and this makes Kylie Jenner to love him more, was intentionally manipulated. In fact, there was no confirmation to such news, but it also contradicts the other fabricated articles about Travis Scott and his child.

Kylie Jenner loves the protective nature of Travis Scott for Stormi

Throughout the journey of Jenner’s Pregnancy, Hollywood life insisted on Scott’s lifestyle and shows many of his flaws. It has shown that Travis cannot prove himself as a “Model father” and is completely inefficient for co-parenting.

The story was posted on the fictions that made up various tales and blogs, which shows that Scott was not treating Jenner in a right way. One of such appalling news was made that headlined, “Travis Scott is not suitable to become A “Model Dad” as he is not changing his lifestyle for Kylie Jenner and for his baby.

On February 3, one article reported that Jenner has already given birth two days before about which Travis has no idea of. On the top of that, no one tries to connect with Scott, otherwise, they would’ve revealed the facts like; Travis was of course not trying to change his lifestyle as he was living a high life. Travis never showed up that he is going to be an ideal father, and even he never intended to put his career on the ice to melt, but he is able to sit night after nights for Stormi. Being at home most time with his child is exactly what he can do after the birth of Stormi.  

Furthermore, Travis knows what he is supposed to do and can manage his own works during the daytime. He sets his time and moves to Kylie’s place in the night to help her out. Isn’t cool? What else a girl can ask his ex-boyfriend after pregnancy.

There are multiple credible reports and stories that show the parental responsibility of Travis to his girlfriend and child, but courses are reversing and new narration is, Stormi’s arrival has made Travis a changed man. Travis is the “constant presence” at Kylie’s home. Actually, it wasn’t a matter of flip; rather, Travis was always dedicated to Jenner throughout the pregnancy.

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