Kim Kardashian had foreseen Kylie Jenner being a young mommy

Reality show star, social media ace, an entrepreneur and a psychic too? It seems like Kim Kardashian West already knew that Kylie Jenner would be a young mommy and her prediction turned out to be right.

Kim Kardashian had foreseen Kylie Jenner being a young mommy

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star discussed how she already knew that she would meet Kylie’s first baby a few years from now during a Business of Fashion West panel which she attended with mother Kris Jenner on Monday, June 18.

When Imran Amed, The Business of Fashion founder, asked both of them what they’d do once their reality show gets over, Kris Jenner teased and said, “It’s going to be here forever!” She joked that the future season would showcase North West’s wedding, and later the momager revealed that she used to say the same thing about Kylie when she was ten years old.

“We used to say, ‘Season 17, Kylie has a baby,'” Kim chimed in. “And we all looked at each other and [were] like, ‘Oh sh-t! That just happened.'”  

Just as she had predicted, Kim’s prediction for Kylie is two seasons early as Kylie, 20 welcomed her first baby, daughter Stormi Webster in February while the show’s season 15 debuts this summer.

Apart from talking about her psychic abilities, Kris gave a few hints about the reality show’s upcoming season, including the fact that the fans will see a ‘major blowout’ between the sisters.

Kim further said, “When I think about it, I do get really mad. It’s just like people being disrespectful. It’s the one thing that gets me.”

However, keeping the arguments aside, the season 15 will show how the family always stays together. “I think that the way my family and I have always dealt with everything is, we know we have each other,” Kim continued. “Nothing else matters. So at the end of the day, this could all go away, and we all have each other, and we’re confident in that.”

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