Kim and Kanye not interested in selling their Baby’s Pics

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been reported to reject all the million dollar deals for selling their new baby’s first pictures.

Kim and Kanye not interested in selling their Baby’s Pics

According to the sources, numerous websites and gossip magazines started making offers several months before the child delivery of the actress. The money offers were of millions of dollars, and some also offered $2 and $5 million as well.

These offers couldn’t entertain the couple and hence were immediately rejected. The couple never accepted the money just to show their baby’s pictures to the media. According to Kim and Kanye, the media will eventually get the baby pictures from random sources and they as parents want to frame the timetable of when their baby should be shown to the media keeping in mind about the baby’s safety and security.

The two never wanted to take money from the big media houses just to upload their baby’s pictures, and they think it as immoral, and that would violate their morals. They have three children together, and they have never taken any money or signed any deal to publish their baby’s first pictures.

The fans of Kim and Kanye had to hold their breath for almost two months to get the first glimpse of North and Saint and now can only wait and hope to see their third baby’s pictures soon.

According to their past activities, where Kim and Kanye uploaded the first picture of North approximately two months after she was born, you can understand when you will get to see the recent baby’s pic. The couple also waited for almost two years to upload their 2nd child’s pictures as well.  

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