Kesha’s Emotional Grammy Moment

The pop star’s emotional moment has its roots in November last year when her song was played at the Hollywood Palladium by her songwriter whose audience was a large sold-out crowd.

This marked a completion of her song “Rainbow” which never seemed feasible in any probability after her legal toil with Dr. Luke. This had had a large and strong impact on her career.

The performance also saw the presence of Ken Ehrlich who had keenly witnessed the rise of Kesha to stardom with her party anthems hitting the industry.

Kesha’s Emotional Grammy Moment

He told to the press that he had met her years ago and had been impressed by her talent but he also had an idea that her works needed some more hike up on their quality. Regarding the pop star’s Palladium performance he remarked that it was a top level performance. The star was humble, strong and a great showman which did not fail to impress him.

It was also revealed that Ehrlich also had decided on appointing the pop star for the 2018 telecast after the singer’s Grammy-nominated song impressed him. Rainbow was her first released work after her legal toils with Dr. Luke.

When the singer had been approached by Ehrlich she had chosen the song “Praying” which as said by many was a response to whatever had happened with her that had put her career at stake.

In today’s scene of the world cases as of Kesha’s is being treated with much attention and scrutiny.

Kesha’s complaints and issues took around a year to gain the attention of the public. After a year of struggle and sobs the singer was successful in getting her supporters and strengthening her claims.

At Grammy, the singer received many compliments for her strong and bold personality.

At a rehearsal of her performance of her song “Praying” before the final event, Kesha was seen with tears in her eyes. She was then encouraged by her co-performers and an amazing performance was then received by the audience.

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