John Gavin died at 86 on Friday in Beverly Hills

Popularly known actor for his contribution in Imitation of Life and Psycho, John Gavin passed away on Friday morning in Beverly Hills, Calif at 86. He was also well known as a mid-century heartthrob, he also served the president of the Screen Actors Guild in the early ’70s and as U.S. ambassador to Mexico under Ronald Reagan. He worked as the president of SAG from 1971 to 1973 and as President Reagan’s first ambassador to Mexico from 1981-86.

John Gavin died at 86 on Friday in Beverly Hills

He played the role of James Bond in the movie “Diamonds Are Forever.” He also worked with German-born director Douglas Sirk in the films “A Time to Love and a Time to Die” and “Imitation of Life,” and both were released in the late 1950s. These two movies largely appreciated and praised in Hollywood and around the country and helped him to build a high profile. He also worked with Douglas Sirk, on 1959’s Imitation of Life. He will be best remembered for his role in Psycho in which he played the role as Janet Leigh’s boyfriend Sam Loomis. In the starting of the movie, he appeared in a shirtless love scene which has shocked the audience. The movie was released in 1960. Talking about his other remarkable roles, people will never forget his role as Julius Caesar in Spartacus and also his performance in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

John Gavin was born on April 8, 1931, in Los Angeles. When he was a child his mother divorced and remarried Herald Ray Golenor. After that, he named John Anthony Golenor.  

Talking about his educational details, he graduated from Stanford University and done B.A. in economics and Latin American affairs. During an interview, he had stated that he did not reach and he attended Stanford with the help of a scholarship. He also worked in the Navy during the time of Korean War. He first got married to Cicely Evans in 1957 and then he married to a soap opera actress Constance Towers. He has two children and two step-children.

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