Jennifer says fans not to see Red sparrow in the Stephen Colbert show

Jennifer Lawrence is not among those who shy from speaking their minds, and she proved it recently when she was called for an interview on the late-night show with Stephen Colbert show on Monday evening. She was seen relaxed and had fun speaking about her holiday mood, drank some rum with the host, and made fun of Harvey Weinstein, etc.

Jennifer says fans not to see Red sparrow in the Stephen Colbert show

After the actress took some rum shots with the host, she removed her high heeled sandals and sat on the sofa completely relaxed as she was home and not on the show. When the host asked Lawrence about the ill-utilized defense of Harvey Weinstein, Lawrence said, “He is just that horrible ass boil that does not go away, you pop the ass boil- he’s just the worst.

When is it going to end?” The lawyers of Harvey have earlier cited Meryl steep and Jennifer in an attempt to disregard a sexual misconduct lawsuit against him. Later he apologized for the action when both the actresses issues proper statements condemning the move.

According to Lawrence, she was forced o come up with the response in the middle of the night. When the host, Colbert said that Weinstein has purposefully dragged Lawrence’s name into all this, the actress laughed to her fullest and said, “yeah everybody does.”

Monday was also the U.S premiere of the actress’s upcoming movie red sparrow, but she asked people not to watch her movie. She refused to invite the ones who are the typical haters and who own a blog and probably have any time for movies. She was blaming the haters while talking on the rum and started with her upcoming movie red sparrow and what made her do choose the role of a spy.

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