Jay-Z Opens Up About Blue Ivy’s Hair, Music, and Owning His Masters

Jay-Z recently had an interview with Gayle King at his Book of Hov tribute exhibition, where he discussed various aspects of his life. He touched on topics like the scrutiny surrounding his daughter Blue Ivy’s hair, his music, and his personal journey.

Blue Ivy’s Natural Hair

During the interview, Jay-Z addressed the criticism that his daughter Blue Ivy has faced regarding her appearance, particularly her hair. Despite being just a young girl, Blue has been the subject of criticism for her physical appearance, especially her hair.

Even as an adult, people have made jokes about Blue Ivy’s hair. Model Karrueche Tran once made a joke about the little girl, saying, “Here are the top six things Blue Ivy thought about the VMAs. I really did wake up like this because my parents never comb my hair.”

Jay-Z expressed his pride in seeing Blue Ivy walk onstage and reclaim her power through her performance of the song “My Power.” He acknowledged the challenges she has faced since birth and applauded her for overcoming scrutiny and judgment.

Jay-Z Talks Selling His Masters

The interview also delved into Jay-Z’s music career and the topic of selling his masters. He explained that although he understands why people choose to sell their masters, it was a different story for him. He mentioned his journey as an independent artist and navigating the Def Jam system without understanding how it worked. He did not have control of his masters initially, but he was able to regain control later on.

As for selling his masters, Jay-Z noted that it would be up to others to make that decision. He emphasized the importance of creating meaningful music that resonates with him personally instead of just making random tunes.

New Music On The Way?

Fans have speculated about the possibility of new music from Jay-Z after he mentioned cutting his hair. One fan expressed excitement, believing that his haircut symbolized new music coming soon. However, this speculation remains unconfirmed.

In a previous interview, Jay-Z shared that he typically doesn’t cut his hair when he’s working on music. He stated that even though his hair may look unkempt during the creative process, he can live with it for the sake of art.

Halle Bailey Celebrates Black Hair

The interview touched on the issue of scrutiny surrounding hair, particularly within the Black community. Halle Bailey’s groundbreaking portrayal of Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid was highlighted as an example of celebrating Black hair and redefining beauty standards in the film industry.

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