It looks like Bill Murray doesn’t know about the accusations filed against Harvey Weinstein

Bill Murray is acting like he doesn’t know what is going on in the life of Harvey Weinstein. As per the information, Bill Murray is unknown about the Weinstein situation, which is quite unsurprising. The whole news came to the front during an interview.  During the interview when Bill Murray is asked to give some comments about the disgraced former mogul of the year 2014.

It looks like Bill Murray doesn’t know about the accusations filed against Harvey Weinstein

Weinstein stated that being a Murray is like a religion. It is the situation where you can behave very badly with people, but they will still love you. Whenever Weinstein feels guilty or used to feel guilty about behaving badly, he meets Bill. After that, he felt so good.

Reacting on this, before swiveling to the wider context Murray stated unbothered that he thought Weinstein was saying something funny. One can take something someone said a few years ago which is out of context. But what Weinstein has stated is funny.  

Weinstein further added that are you asking for a comment about Harvey Weinstein? He does not know what Weinstein being accused of yet. He stated some of the people who are involved in that situation, are a very sweet person. It hurts to hear Weinstein speak about it. It really hurts, and he feels the pain of the incident, and that pain is not ended yet.

It may be noted that Harvey Weinstein has been accused of various sexual misconduct cases, such as harassment, assault, and rape. Around above 80 women brought sexual harassment cases against him. Last week police arrested him and returned to court for his rape trial on July 30.

Three women filed a new allegation of rape against Harvey Weinstein and his former employers. As per the allegation, Melissa Thompson said that while she was explaining marketing teach the idea to the former movie producer in the year 2011, he forcibly raped her in the hotel room where he was staying in New York.  

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