Irv Gotti Talks About Ashanti During Murder Inc. Raid

Irv Gotti recently made some comments about Ashanti during a conversation, shedding light on their past relationship. Despite public opinion urging him to move on, Irv continued to discuss his connection with Ashanti that dates back two decades. Even after being called out by Fat Joe, he couldn’t resist talking about the singer yet again.

In an interview with Page Six, Irv expressed that he hasn’t forgiven Ashanti for a particular incident. He mentioned that during a raid on Murder Inc., Ashanti didn’t stick around, drawing a comparison to how cockroaches scatter when the lights come on.

In 2005, Irv surrendered to federal authorities on money-laundering charges that had been in the works for years. Accused of assisting a convicted drug kingpin in hiding over $1 million in drug proceeds, Irv and his brother were alleged to have laundered money for the kingpin using bags and shoeboxes, leading to a raid on Murder Inc.’s offices.

Although Irv was eventually cleared of all charges, he faced the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence if convicted. According to him, Ashanti, who was 41 at the time, didn’t wait around to see how things would turn out.


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Gotti expressed to Page Six his dissatisfaction with Ashanti’s decision to distance herself from him despite his role in her career.


“She was ready to get the f – – k off of the Murder Inc. label and she was ready to abandon me, the person who made her. And yes I can say I made her. How do you know I can say that firmly? The minute I stop making her records . . . She has not made a hit since,” Gotti claimed.


Now, Ja Rule has finally shared his thoughts after initially staying out of the situation, citing it as “grown folks’ business.”

Ja Rule Addresses Irv Gotti’s Comments on Ashanti, Disapproving & Preferring Neutrality

Having remained mostly silent on the matter, the rapper has now disapproved of Irv Gotti’s controversial remarks.

Recently, Ja Rule stated that he does not support Gotti’s behavior and does not want to take sides in the situation.

“Brotherly love … The last few days have been very turbulent for me but it’s time to land the plane…” Ja Rule shared on Instagram. “I love my sis, I love my bro, but I DO NOT condone or agree with the behavior nor the way Gotti handled things on Drink Champs.

I hope y’all understand how uncomfortable this is for me being in the middle of something I wish to not be… Going forward, all I ask is to be left out of this please and thank you!!! Sincerely Switzerland Bennett.”


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Share your thoughts on Ja Rule’s response to Irv Gotti’s remarks about Ashanti. According to the record executive, the media is exaggerating the situation.


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