I suffered from both physical and sexual harassment; says Bella Throne

Recently revealed facts by the former Disney star Bella Throne had attracted all the media towards her family. Well, this is not something about good news; it is something about very bad incidents she had faced in her childhood. On Sunday, Bella via Instagram informed that she had been harassed in her bedroom during her childhood time and that destroyed her childhood time. But, Bella, 2o years old has not informed about the name of the culprit.

I suffered from both physical and sexual harassment; says Bella Throne

In her Instagram post, she wrote that “I was sexually abused and physically growing up from the day I can remember till I was 14…when I finally dared to lock my door at night and sit by it.” She also wrote that she had gone through many bad nights waiting for someone to take advantage of her life. She had been trying to stop this form many years, and finally, she has done that.

The most shocking thing about this is, her mother has denied any knowledge about this harassment. Tamara Throne, Bella mom, staying in Los Angeles stated that she heard such thing from her daughter for the first time and she got shocked when she came to know about the incident that allegedly happened under her roof in the same house.

Tamara further stated that it is a private family matter and she was talking about this matter with a therapist. Well, recently a family friend informed that Tamara has discussed with Bela about this, but she has not named that person.


Looking into the history of Bella’s family, she grew up in the Pembroke Pines suburb of Miami. When she was just nine, she lost her father Delancey Throne in an accident. Then her family shifted to LA. There she stayed with her three siblings, half-sister Kaili and Dani who are actresses and Remy who is an MMA fighter.

Bella’s maternal uncle, James Beckett, 42, stated that Bella always slept with her sister Dani in the same room. So Dani may know something about the incidents.

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