Hunter McGrady flaunting her size 16 in the illustrated swimsuit magazine 2018

Hunter McGrady embraced her skin in the nude photo shoot for the seductive 2018 sports illustrated swimsuit issue that was launched on Tuesday.

This 24 year old model grew up in The City of Angels with her mother, Brynja McGrady who shares the same field for passion along with an actor father, Michael McGrady to support her in all spheres of life. Her parents belonged to this industry which seems to be the major reason why Hunter drew her attention towards this field as well!

Hunter McGrady flaunting her size 16 in the illustrated swimsuit magazine 2018

Though the illustrated swimsuit 2018 marks her debut in the modeling career, Hunter has been gaining experience in modeling ever since her teenage years. She was also a part of the SI’s swimsuit model search conducted in the year 2017. During that photo shoot she even posed the cameras and audience on the beach wearing nothing but body paint.

While posting her SI rookie status on her social media sites in January, she also mentioned what size of undies she wears. “Here I am, a size 16 at nearly 6 feet tall and am yet again in what is considered the sexiest magazine to come out every year!!!” she wrote this before praising the magazine’s diversity.

In January she told SI that she weighed 114 pounds and she was of size 2 when she was a high school student. “Everyone told me I was fat at 114 pounds, and here I am, in the magazine at a size 16. It is just the top of the top for a model.”

“At 16-years-old, the size 2 Hunter, who didn’t eat, who worked out for hours a day, who was depressed, who was anxious and shy and scared of the world, would have never thought she was worthy enough to be in this position of success, where she’d feel beautiful and confident in her own skin” she added.

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