Houston DJ DBaby Passes Away After Falling from 13th Floor Balcony

Popular Houston female DJ, DJ DBaby, tragically lost her life following a fall from a 13th-floor high-rise balcony. Authorities in Houston have classified her death as accidental.

Remembering DJ DBaby

DJ DBaby, whose real name is Darian Lewis, passed away 10 days after the incident where she fell from her 13th-floor residence balcony. The incident occurred in the early hours of July 4th, as disclosed in reports.

The budding 23-year-old DJ plummeted four stories onto the 9th-floor pool deck at the Camden Downtown apartments in Houston, Texas. Lewis was swiftly transported to the hospital following the fall, but unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries on July 13th. The Houston authorities have described Lewis’s untimely demise as a tragic accident.

Who Was DJ DBaby?

The beloved Houston DJ was actively involved in performances at various shows and events across Miami, Dallas, New Orleans, and worldwide. With a substantial following of over 30,000 on Instagram, DBaby was in the midst of creating a YouTube series titled “In The Booth With Baby,” focusing on showcasing emerging female artists such as Martina Marie, Desiree Simone, Lil Bri, Pee Supreme, and Milli Bucks.

DJ DBaby was on the verge of collaborating with renowned labels like QC and 1501. In an interview with Voygue Houston, Lewis expressed her pride in being recognized as “the youngest female DJ in Houston,” highlighting how she had established her reputation in the industry.

“I’m only 22 years old, traveling the world as a DJ, becoming affiliated with QC and 1501, and being a part of top media outlets and brands. I adore my work. It has significantly influenced my perspective on life.”

Her presence will be deeply missed by countless followers.

DJ Dababy Fans/Family React To Tragedy & Speculation

Terri Lewis, DJ DBaby’s mother, formally confirmed her passing on Facebook on Wednesday, requesting prayers for the family as she mourned the loss of her youngest and sole daughter.

“My youngest and only daughter has transitioned, please pray for the family, my heart is heavy and broken,” she wrote.

Rapper and close friend, Milli Bucks, expressed her shock via Instagram, reminiscing about the joyful moments they had shared together and the impact DBaby had on her life.

Amidst the tragedy, speculations arose on social media regarding the circumstances of DBaby’s fall, with some suggesting her girlfriend might have been involved as she was the only individual present during the incident. Nishia Jackson, in an attempt to clarify matters, shared her account on Facebook, emphasizing the role of intoxication in the tragic event.

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