Hip-Hop Artists Who Have Opened Up About Their Mental Health Struggles

Hip-hop artists are known for their creative prowess and captivating performances, but many struggle with their own battles of inner demons behind the scenes. Many hip-hop artists have courageously opened up about their mental health struggles in recent years, shedding light on the often-overlooked aspect of fame and success. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, SOHH looks back on artists who have opened up about their mental health struggles.

From grappling with anxiety and depression to seeking therapy and promoting self-care, these artists break the stigma and inspire others to prioritize their mental well-being:

Megan Thee Stallion

In an interview on Yung Miami’s Caresha, Please, the Houston Hottie opened up about her mental health journey and her progress by attending therapy sessions. Megan also expressed that she is in a better place compared to a few months prior.

The Traumazine artist granted an exclusive interview with ELLE on April 18, 2023. She won a legal battle against Tory Lanez and spoke about her trauma after the victory. She shared her approach to handling non-supporters and doubters.

Cardi B

The Invasion of Privacy artist filed a lawsuit against YouTube blogger Tasha K after she spread false information about her. In early 2022, Cardi B testified in court, stating that the rumors impacted her mental health negatively.

The Bronx native later won the $4M lawsuit against the blogger. However, like Meg, Cardi also dealt with fans who refused to believe she struggled mentally due to the allegations.

Omeretta’s Candid Confessions

Omeretta The Great, known for her hit track “Sorry Not Sorry,” recently took to Instagram to share her journey with mental health. In a heartfelt compilation video, Omeretta expressed gratitude for her rising success while also highlighting the challenges that came with it.

She also admitted to crying out for help and feeling that those around her disregarded her mental well-being.


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Summer Walker’s Emotional Boundaries

During a live performance in Atlanta, Summer Walker, the soulful artist, boldly decided to exclude certain songs from her setlist. She explained to the audience that performing these songs would reopen emotional wounds, emphasizing her commitment to protecting her mental health.

The Still Over It artist set an empowering example for her fans by prioritizing her well-being.

YK Osiris’ Awareness Campaign

In October 2022, rapper YK Osiris clarified his previous statements about struggling with suicidal thoughts, clarifying that he shared his experience to raise awareness about mental health issues faced by others. His openness prompted concern from fans and emphasized the importance of supporting those who are going through similar challenges.

Osiris also stated that he shows love to the people he was inspired by, but those people don’t return the favor.

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Saweetie’s Journey To Self-Discovery

During an interview with Kevin Hart, the influential “Icy Princess” of hip-hop, Saweetie shared her experiences dealing with the distress of fame. She spoke about facing mental breakdowns and the invasion of privacy that comes with celebrity status.

The “Tap In” rapper also revealed how she found solace through meditation and underwent a transformative “big chop” to symbolize her personal growth.


While grieving the loss of his brother to suicide in 2020, DaBaby called for increased mental health awareness. He stressed the importance of seeking help, both for oneself and for loved ones, and expressed his intention to seek therapy.

“If you can’t get over depression GET HELP,” he wrote on Twitter. “You see a loved one struggling get them help, they refuse help, MAKE em get treated anyway. You suffer from PTSD take that s*** serious & get help! I’m bouta get a therapist my damn self!”

These artists’ openness about their mental health struggles serves to destigmatize conversations around mental well-being within the hip-hop community and society as a whole. Their stories highlight the importance of seeking help, taking care of oneself, and supporting others who may be facing similar challenges.

Kevin Gates Talks Suicidal Thoughts

Recently, Kevin Gates sat down with SOHH and candidly discussed his own struggles with mental health. The Louisiana-born rapper and entrepreneur shared his battle against suicidal thoughts and how his strong work ethic has aided him in overcoming these challenges and achieving success.

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