Heather Locklear gets hospitalized after threatening to kill herself

Former Melrose Place star Heather Locklear has been admitted to the hospital on Sunday and is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation as the actress threatened to kill herself. Her mother immediately called the police after which the Sheriff’s Departments, as well as the Ventura County Fire in California, responded to the call.

Heather Locklear gets hospitalized after threatening to kill herself

As per the police dispatch, audio TMZ has obtained, Locklear was trying to hurt herself by looking for a gun in order to shoot herself. The operator revealed that Locklear was violent and agitated.

As per the outlet, Locklear’s parents had gone to her house to visit her as the actress sounded distressed. When they reached the house, the actress got violent and started choking her mother and hitting her father. Hence, her mother dialled 911.

In the month of February, the police officials had responded to another violence call at Locklear’s home when the actress had been violent and was hitting her boyfriend, Chris Heisser. Although the domestic violence charges against her were dropped, she still faced misdemeanour counts of battery on an officer. Her lawyer entered the plea of not guilty. Locklear was even banned from possessing any firearm after the incident but it looks like the actress still owns one registered on her name. Following the incident, Locklear had enrolled herself into a rehab.

The actress has suffered from addiction and depression in the past and has been struggling to get better for a decade. In the year 2008, she was arrested after someone dialled 911 alleging that she was suicidal. Following this incident, she entered a treatment centre for depression and anxiety.

Days later she bumped into a no parking sign on a street and fled away and was charged with a hit and run case. She then entered into a 30-day rehab programme for prescription pills. The actress has reportedly struggled with alcohol problems since many years. She has even entered a rehab at the beginning of the year 2017 due to unclosed reasons. However, she again returned back to the rehab a year later.

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