G Herbo Explains Why He Feels Responsible For His Best Friend’s Death

G Herbo recently had an emotional interview where he expressed a deep sense of guilt over the passing of his friend.

The Chicago rapper, who recently avoided jail time in a fraud case, was a guest on a show hosted by Big Greg, the father of G Herbo’s late friend, Gregory “Lil Greg” Jackson III.

During the interview, G Herbo revealed that he blames himself for the death of Lil Greg, who was tragically murdered at a barbershop in 2021.

“I felt empty. I feel like I caused it, 100 percent, from the bottom of my heart,” said Herbo. “I felt like, what the f**** you wanna do something to my little brother for? You wanted to do something to me. The reason why I feel like that is ’cause I always dictated his life a little bit… I told him to stop going to that f****g barbershop. I’m telling him this countless times… But he’s such a good person he ain’t thinking that [somebody would hurt him].”

Herbo also shared his emotional struggles and the impact that Lil Greg’s death has had on him.

“If I get a Grammy, an Oscar, I’m still gonna think about my little brother. My life can’t be complete without him. It don’t feel complete. It’s never gonna feel complete without him,” he said. “That’s the truth! I ain’t never gonna be able to feel complete without him. That sh*t just don’t make sense to me. It don’t add up. And I’ve been through a lot of sh*t, way too much. It still ain’t making sense to me why he’s not here.”

Earlier, G Herbo also discussed losing several friends and how it led him to use prescription drugs. However, he has since sought help from a therapist and overcome his drug habit.

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