Former WWE Wrestler nearly beat to death on a parking spot

A shocking incident took place when a former WWE prolific bodybuilder who had a four-year-long wrestling career in the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) was nearly beaten to death over a parking spot this week. He was attacked by a group of six men in front of his home.

Former WWE Wrestler nearly beat to death on a parking spot

Image Source: The Sun

The renowned wrestler Tom Magee aged 59 has suffered serious injuries with a broken jaw, broken eye socket and other injuries in various parts of the body. The fans have not seen him since he last wrestled in the year 1990. By that time he was a famous face like a heel in the sports, entertainment and the business with a notable win against Bret Hart in the year 1986.

Everyone knows that age of the person always increases with the time. The former WWE champion is a black belt in karate with a sound amateur boxing background. But he is not the same at the age of 59. It’s not a wonder that why he was beaten with the hands of the young people which drew a lot of grave concerns from the witnesses who were present there.

The victim was attacked after he confronted another driver outside his Mar Vista home. So far it is not clear that who was the initiator in the situation but what is known that the former Canadian powerlifter turned as a fighter and the six men in the group outnumbered him.

His luck favored him, and he luckily survived the attack, so far he has been released from the hospital. Out of six the four of them are on the run while the two have been arrested named as Justin Lee, 20, and Degrate Bryant, 20 by the Los Angeles police department.

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