Former Manager Sued Cardi B, Claiming He ‘Catapulted Her From Exotic Dancer to Music Icon’

A former manager of Cardi B has sued the 25-year-old hip-hop queen, he claimed that the artist fired him despite he played an important role in her success in music industry. The star is being sued for total $10 million!

Former Manager Sued Cardi B, Claiming He 'Catapulted Her From Exotic Dancer to Music Icon'

Image Source: Yahoo News NZ

Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, his KSR Group, and Worldstar Management companies accused the “Be Careful” hitmaker of breach of contract and defamation after signing a deal with Quality Control management in March, according to the complaint filed on April 26, Thursday, and obtained by The Blast.

Shaft started working with Cardi, who is currently pregnant with her first child with her fiance Offset of Migos, back in 2015. He claimed that he “catapulted [Cardi B] from exotic dancer and social media presence to music icon” and “conceived, arranged and orchestrated Cardi B’s rise to become the biggest music sensation on the planet.”

He claimed that before he spotted the former Love & Hip Hop reality star’s raw talent, she wasn’t even a rapper. He gives credit to himself for taking Cardi  “from the strip club to the recording studio,” and “her rapid rise as a recording artist and performer is attributable to” him.

According to the former manager, the professional relationship between him and Cardi started to dissolve “by the end of 2017″ after the artist’s stylist allegedly told her that Shaft was “robbing” her by making side deals at the hitmaker’s expense. Shaft claimed that Cardi then told her rapper fiance about what she had heard from her stylist.

The lawsuit read: “She has also repeatedly defamed Shaft, falsely communicating to her fiancé Kiara Kendrell Cephus (Offset), members of her entourage, and the public that ‘Shaft is robbing me.’” The lawsuit states, “Offset is responsible for steering Cardi B to QC to be managed in all of her entertainment endeavors.”

For those who aren’t aware, QC is also a management company behind Offset’s group, Migos.

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