Former manager of Rose McGowan, Jill Messick found dead in Los Angeles

Jill Messick was an American film producer who got the fame for being the manager of Rose McGowan.  But, recently she made headlines for the death case by suicide in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The news has made everyone aghast and the Hollywood industry still believes it as a day-dream.  

Messick, 50, was previously diagnosed with bipolar disorders and she has been struggling with it since years, before of her death.  The news came into the limelight after her family revealed the information about it to The Hollywood Reporter.

Long ago, she was in the top stories due to the allegations of being raped by Harvey Weinstein that later became public in the year 2017. So, her family, therefore, criticized McGowan and Harvey Weinstein for involving Messick in this unproductive controversy, which was initially started in the year 1977.

Former manager of Rose McGowan, Jill Messick found dead in Los Angeles

After the matter became public, Weinstein’s lawyer has released a private email sent by Messick that was highly contradicting McGowan’s claims. This was also divulged by Messick’s family in the recent report.

Her family said to the report that Jill was victimized by this new culture and sharing of unknown information about her, which later affects her career as the speed of propagating the information was more, and people had started carrying mistruths about Jill as a person. Therefore, she was unable to keep a calm state of mind and ultimately her insecurities and fear lead to the horrifying death news.

Messick’s family also disclose some of the vital points that were made by McGowan, so Jill decided to stay away from the feeding frenzy trends by not allowing the controversies to spoil her name and fame and everything even without doing nothing.

McGowan first opens up about the case to The New York Times in October and said Messick was aware of the attack the day before. She was not even supported by the management team when Jill went to complain about the matter to her bosses regarding Weinstein. Weinstein’s lawyer denies the facts provided by McGowan and made some conflicts with the statement later. Jill knew that the matter will soon get settled and Rose will still continue to work with Weinstein’s.

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