Final review of the flightless bird: Red Sparrow

With only a less than eight years of stardom, Jennifer Lawrence’s career is almost studded now with the comic triumphs as well as depictions of the suffering. When she enacts in the silver screen, no one can match with her comedy timing and amazing acting. You must have watched the two out of the three films that she made with David O. Russell, the silver linings playbook, American Hustle; she is taking Hollywood all over again in her next film, the red sparrow.

Final review of the flightless bird: Red Sparrow

She is in the lead role playing a ballerina named Dominika Egorova who finally learns to use her body and her mind as a Putin-era spy. She is flawless and impressive as always and she gets into some double and triple dealing when her loyalties are examined by Nate Nash (Joel Edgerton) who is a good American spy. But, in the middle, the story loses its lifeline and viewers might seem lost because of joyless direction is given by Francis Lawrence. The story script by Justin Haythe seemed to be monotonous and had no relation to whatsoever.

The title is referred to the “sparrow school” which is a secret Russian program of indoctrination and instruction in sexual strategic acts. Jennifer anyhow gets trapped into the dealing things and ends up in this school where she had to play the role of a seductress. The story is all about how she lives in those days and finds a way to fight those people and get back to the regular life. The story is not a romantic one but there are some romances that you will enjoy the movie.

The events taking place in the film made sense and although it might get difficult for you to follow some parts of the movie overall you will like it. The only good thing happening in the movie was the appearance of Mary-Louise Parker as the U.S Senate named Stephanie Boucher. Lawrence has worked really hard for this film and you can see it in her acting.

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