Ewan McGregor Files for Divorce from Eve Mavrakis

An allegation brought by own daughter for an allegedly cheating, Ewan McGregor has now filed for divorce from Eve Mavrakis. As per the latest report, Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis have split.  Telling about the reason behind this, he stated that he wanted to end the relationship due to an irreconcilable difference. He appeals for joint custody of their three children.

Ewan McGregor Files for Divorce from Eve Mavrakis

It may be noted that, since May 2017, both are living separately. But the official announcement for this came in October 2017, when Ewan found kissing to his television co-star Mary Elizabeth. After that, another incident also gave a hint about his new relationship with Mary. At the Golden Globe Awards which was held on 7th January, he openly thanked Elizabeth and also kissed her after winning at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Jan. 11.

Ewan’s 15-year-old daughter Esther is still heartbroken over the split. She also wrote a song about their split and expressed how hurt she is by Ewan’s new romance with Mary.

When the Star Wars actor was found kissing his Fargo co-star at The Good Life Eatery I St. John’s Wood, North West London on Oct. 22, that already had given a hint that Ewan marriage life is not going well. They have been spotted in different places and seemed relaxed in each other’s company. As they left Elizabeth got on to the back of Ewan’s motorbike, and they left together. But before that, the duo locked lips for a passionate kiss.

On the other hand, Eve has given her answer to the divorce and she appeals for sole physical custody of their children and Ewan can visit to see them. They got married in 1995 and had four daughters named Clara, Jmyan, Esther, and Anouck, 6 and all are minors.

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