Erica Banks Addresses Criticism for Setting Body Type Requirements for Hanging Out

Ericica Banks is dealing with backlash after revealing her specific physical preferences for the friends she chooses to socialize with. The rapper has responded to the backlash.

The rapper is facing criticism for her comments about women’s bodies. She mentioned that she has criteria for the appearance of women she accompanies to nightclubs.

On Twitter, one user tweeted that many people share Erica’s viewpoint.

“Erica Banks’s physical requirements for friends is exactly how 99.9% of yall operate.”

Another Twitter user mentioned that Erica Banks’ remarks were predictable given her concerns about public opinion.

“I’m not surprised by Erica Banks to look requirements for the club, she’s the same one that allowed the internet to bully her into getting surgery.”

In response to public criticism, the new artist took to Twitter.

Banks expressed her indifference to how others perceive her comments on body shaming:

“Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion and I’ve never been one to convince people of liking mine.”

It appears that Erica Banks is standing by her original statements as fans criticize her for shaming other women’s bodies.


This is not the first time Erica Banks has stirred up controversy.

In April, a video clip was shared on Twitter featuring the rapper in an interview on Big Facts Revolt.

In the interview, Banks expressed admiration for Nicki Minaj’s music.

She also discussed feeling overlooked by the rapper, claiming that her efforts had been disregarded.

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