Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart end their relationship after 14 years marriage

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have finally called it an end after 14 years of marriage.  This Excruciating news about the Hollywood film industry’s most romantic and charismatic couple has made everyone flabbergasted.  The actress has finally filed a case against her husband, Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane.

Gayheart, who is 46, has filed the papers on Friday, citing all the inexorable differences with her husband, Dane, 45, better known as Grey’s “McSteamy” Dr. Mark Sloan.

Both of them have been enjoying their marriage life since 14 years, and suddenly, they decided to depart away from each other. In the recent news, Gayheart told to the USA TODAY in her joint statement that even though they were together for 14 years, but ending their marriage at this stage is completely a mutual decision, and their families are happy as well.

Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart end their relationship after 14 years marriage

Apart from the separation news, which was a bit painful, the actress stated that she will continue her friendship with Dane even after the divorce. Both of them will work as a team to co-parent their two beautiful princesses as they mean the world to them.  Gayheart also asks for some privacy as they are going through the tough part of their life and soon they will navigate to new phases.

Gayheart, the actress of Scream, has requested the physical and joint legal custody of their daughters, Billie, 7, and, Georgia, 6, as per the court papers.

Several issues between Dane and Gayheart were encountered earlier, which got viral on the social media. Previously, in 2009, a steamy clip of Gayheart, Dane, and another woman leaked into the social channels. Soon after two years, Dane went to the rehab for his addiction to the painkillers after having a sports injury. These were some of the controversies that forced them to get separated from each other, and Rebecca shows her concern and love for Dane saying that she regrets her mistakes, and mainly for the one to whom she loved the most.

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