Ellen DeGeneres’ Wife Portia de Rossi Makes Her Cry With 60th Birthday Gift

With teary eyes, DeGeneres let out that it was the best gift anyone could have given her.

Ellen DeGeneres nine years wedded wife, Hollywood actress Portia de Rossi made a special surprise appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show and marked the 60th birthday milestone of the American comedian. It was a special gift that took Ellen by surprise and filled her eyes with tears. It was not a gift any mere mortal could think of and not something easily forgettable or perishable. With her gift, she ensured it touched the comedian’s inner soul and fulfilled all her wishes and desires. She took care that the gift could celebrate not only her birthday but also be the answer to the questions she had asked Portia before their marriage. It also symbolized as to what Ellen would have been if she wasn’t what she is now. In front of millions of people watching Ellen’s talk show, she gifted her a gorilla conservation center bearing her name.

Ellen DeGeneres' Wife Portia de Rossi Makes Her Cry With 60th Birthday Gift

Introducing the gift on the show the 45 years old star said that as it was her 60th birthday the gift had to be special and it had to represent who she is and what she cared about. She went on to say that it was something that has always inspired Ellen and what has made her the amazing person that she is today. The gift was a combination of all that and questions like who was Ellen’s inspiration and others. She then went on and showcased a video to her, and all the people present there. In the video, she revealed the surprise by breaking to her that she had built the Ellen DeGeneres Campus of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. She said that she had attempted to get the birthday lady and her idol Dian together and to fulfill her desire to do something for animals.



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