Ellen DeGeneres responds to Eric Trump’s “Deep State” Tweet, denies being part of it

Ellen DeGeneres has many Twitter followers, about 76.7 million and still counting. Besides this, she is also known for playing numerous roles like the host of a talk show, the voice of a forgetful fish and an animal rights activist as well. But she denies being a part of any “deep state”- a group of shadowy civil servants, by calling the son of US President Donald Trump, Eric’s suggestion as “the craziest thing.” 

Ellen DeGeneres responds to Eric Trump’s “Deep State” Tweet, denies being part of it

Responding to Eric’s Tuesday tweet suggesting that she is a part of the purported embedded bureaucracy along with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Ellen told her audience in a preview clip from her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show from Thursday program that was released on Wednesday night, “If you know me at all, you know I don’t pay attention to politics, but unfortunately politics pay attention to me.” She also said in the preview, “I am honored that you think that I’m powerful enough to be part of a government conspiracy.”

She told the audience in the preview that she is surprised to see her name trending on Twitter in regards to politics which raised a lot of questions in her head. Stating that it is “the craziest thing” she has ever heard, the Emmy-Award winning comedian Ellen joked and said that she could not work being a part of the “deep state” due to her busy schedule.

She further adds that she has her gay agenda meetings lined up on Monday and Wednesday Beyonce and she will also host an illuminate brunch.

As she has a nice and helpful nature, Ellen further concludes by explaining that Twitter suggested Eric follow her maybe because his sister Ivanka follows her on Twitter or maybe because she posts so many cute videos. Maybe this is the only thing where they both will agree, she further said.

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