Doja Cat Responds to Critics and Promotes New ‘House Party’ Game

Doja Cat has had enough of the haters and trolls who are not pleased with her new appearance.

Her shaved head and drawn-on eyebrows have garnered mixed reactions from her fans.

Despite facing online criticism before, the “Say Something” artist chose to speak out this time and hit back at her detractors.

In a recent series of tweets expressing her frustrations with trolls, her latest tweet seems to be a definitive statement:

“I won a Grammy, traveled the world, had a #1 hit, went platinum. I consistently produce hits, but all you care about is how I look so you can spend your day in your mom’s basement pleasing yourself. Go take a hike.”

Nevertheless, Doja Cat did not let the negativity deter her from promoting her character in a new video game.

The character, resembling the rapper and pop star, is part of the adventure-comedy game “House Party” developed by Eek Games.

The game, featuring nudity and explicit sexual content, lets players make choices in a virtual world controlled by partygoers at a mansion.

The game was initially announced in March and is scheduled for release in the fall.

Considering Retirement from Music?

This isn’t the first time Doja Cat has been affected by online comments.

However, it seems that nothing will stop the pop star from pursuing her music career, not even her struggle with vaping addiction.

The “Get Into It” singer almost jeopardized her career due to her infected tonsils, leading to an emergency surgery.

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