DaIrritatingInfant Says He’s ‘Open’ To Creating New Music With Megan Thee Stallion

DaDelusion continues…

Despite being DaPillowTalker, DaBaby somehow thinks there’s an option for him open to create new music with Megan Thee Stallion.

Earlier this week the “Suge” rapper was asked by TMZ if he would collab again with the Houston hottie and he happily replied;

“Absolutely! Absolutely, Meg, you know I’ll do a new song with you.”

The outlet’s camera woman then asked, “Have you guys spoken or are you cool?” to which he replied;

“Absolutely! Cooler than a fan, baby, believe that.”

Although, Da Baby says he is open to collaborating with one of Houston’s finest, it’s doubtful that Meg shares the same sentiment.

As previously reported DaIrritatingInfant made headlines for Chatty Pattily claiming that he had a sexual relationship with Megan The Stallion and slept with her just one day before she was shot.

He also used a lookalike for the rapper in his music video to coincide with his pillow-talking lyrics.

DaBaby Also Spoke To TMZ About Tory Lanez

The loquacious lyricist was also asked if he had spoken to Tory Lanez.

“It’s hard to speak to him. You know what I’m sayin,” said the rapper referencing Lanez being in lockup.

He later added that they’re; “Cooler than a fan. I’m cool with everybody, man. Spread love, baby. Spread joy, baby.”

DaBaby and Meg have several songs together including the 2020 hit, “Cry Baby” but their relationship took a turn after DaBaby teamed up Lanez. The two tiny rappers collabed on a song called “SKAT” which was met with mixed reviews and DaBaby shadily brought Tory out in a surprise appearance immediately following Megan’s Rolling Loud 2021 set. A Meg fan might’ve been in the audience however and they tossed a shoe the “BOP” rapper’s way.

When DaBaby was previously questioned about outing his alleged relationship with Megan, he took no accountability.

“The song been done, for real, for real, damn near going on a year,” he explained. “And when I say something, it’s gonna go out. It is what it is. Like I say a long time ago, keep me out the business. It’s a song that’s out right now – ni**as can take it how they wanna take it. I ain’t tripping, it’s a song that’s out. You wish I’d have left it off? Ain’t nothing to feel weird about. It ain’t happen to you.”

He also alleged that the Texas rapper actually revealed that they slept together because she didn’t want him to work with Tory Lanez.

“I don’t even wanna stir all this sh*t up,” he stated. “But I’m gonna respond to what she said. Anybody that can read between the lines, the sh*t was really already said.”

“Don’t turn the women’s empowerment sh*t on me because what you got going on with buddy. You know why you upset with me being on a ni**a song, you know why. You and me know why. You, me and a few other people, they know why, but I kept it player, ain’t say sh*t about it.”

Sir, no one knew y’all allegedly knocked boots until you rapped about it.

Despite this recent DaBaby/Tory Lanez news, Megan clearly wants to put all of this in her rearview.

As previously reported she spoke out for the first (and last time) since Lanez was found guilty of felony negligent discharge of a firearm, assault with a semi-automatic firearm, and carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm.

She told ELLE magazine that her father warned her; “Just because somebody smiles in your face doesn’t mean they’re really down for you.”

Seems like we can surely add DaBaby to that list.

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