‘Credible’ Witness Says Natalie Wood’s Husband Was Jealous Over Christopher Walken: Investigator

After over 36 years of Natalie Wood’s mysterious death of the Catalina Island, the matter has been reignited this week which has proved to be a matter of buzz. After John Coin, the lieutenant of Sherrif’s department claiming the widower of Wood, Robert Wagner to be “a person of interest”, now the investigators have revealed the account of Wood’s boat captain Denis Davren according to which Wagner had exploded in rage of jealousy over Wood’s relationship with the co-actor Christopher Walken on the same night. Corin later said to the media that Davren’s claim had been backed up by two more witnesses who were “very credible.” As confirmed by a spokesperson of Sherrif’s department, two witnesses have revealed hearing of mysterious sounds of yelling and crashing from the back of the boat which most probably seemed like arguments between the couple.  

0n 28th November 1981, Natalie woods with husband Robert Wagner had gone for a Thanksgiving weekend. Wood’s co-star in Brainstorm, Christopher Walken was also invited to accompany them on their yacht. Rainstorms and rough waters marked the day. At about 7 p.m. the gang had seated themselves for dinner where they had got themselves heavily drunk, and an argument had broken up between Wagner and Wood.

'Credible' Witness Says Natalie Wood’s Husband Was Jealous Over Christopher Walken: Investigator

Her death at that time was claimed as an accident, and the case was shut. But then it was reopened in the year 2011 by Los Angeles County Sherrif’s department upon the request of  Davern. He had confessed at that time that though he was not sure of Wagner being responsible, he knew as to what had happened on the ship on that night. In the year 2013 after the autopsy of Wood her cause of death was amended to “drowning and other undetermined factors” in accordance to cuts and bruises found in her autopsy report which was said probably could be the consequence of physical assault of the victim.         

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