Country music idol Mickey Gilley meets with a violent crash, is recovering well

After surviving through a violent rollover crash on US-59 near Corrigan on Wednesday last week, the country singer Mickey Gilley was still seen in high spirits. The icon has a broken ankle and a fractured shoulder after he and his son met with the accident that caused the car to roll upside down in the median of the highway.

Country music idol Mickey Gilley meets with a violent crash, is recovering well

“I don’t know if that was a blessing or a curse”, Gilley said. He said that his son was driving a Toyota Scion northbound on US-59 as the two were heading to his home located in Branson, Missouri. It was then that another vehicle crossed in front of them and entered the intersection. Even though Gilley’s son swerved to avoid the vehicle, their car flipped continuously.

The 81-year-old singer said that it was all in slow motion. “The unbelievable feeling you get when you know you’re going to hit something, and there’s nothing you can do about it”, he said. The singer remembers how his son cut out his seatbelt and got him out of it. After his rescue, Gilley was seen wearing a red jacket in the photographs taken after his rescue.

The country music icon suffered from some cuts on his head while his son also had few bumps and bruises after the crash. Moreover, in the year 2009, Gilley had met with an accident which paralyzed him from the neck down. That time the doctors told he might never be able to walk again. But miracles do happen, and soon he started to walk again. And this time too, he insists the same will happen with him.

The singer has never left hope and did not ever stop performing. In the 1970’s he topped the charts with 17 number 1 country music hit songs. He is best known for the movie “Urban Cowboy” which launched his music career.

Mickey will reschedule his January 6 concert in Greenville, Texas and expects to resume his touring for the lineup concert on January 20 in Weirsdale, Fla.

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