Cory Haywood called Meghan Markle engagement as “black girl magic”

Comedian Cory Haywood calls Meghan Markle engagement as “black girl magic,” and this is not a victory for black women. Eurweb publishes an editorial by the comedian that says : *Sisters, don’t get too excited about Meghan Markle‘s engagement to Prince Harry (or whatever the hell that boy’s name is).

Meghan Markle

Image Source: Elle UK

Sisters, I can hear ya’ll fool right now – “I’m not wasting my time with average ni*as. I deserve to be a prince so that I can be treated like a princess.”

Ha! I laugh at you stupid hoes. “Coming to America” was a movie.
That shit isn’t happening to you.

He says that the same features of Meghan made her primarily choice for the Prince’s companion and her marriage is only possible as Prince Harry is not going to inherit the throne in any way. Further, he added that this is not an example of “black girl magic” as she was a few shades darker and also had sharp facial features and why their engagement is a cause for a celebration and asked that black people are so desperate to be loved by the white people.

He has stumbled into the murky territory by attacking black community’s willing for embracing the mixed race people success as “black success”. “More importantly, why is it that every time a half-breed stumbles upon good fortune or success, the entire black community rejoices and lives vicariously through that person (as if his or her family tree is entirely Negro)? Are we that desperate for a win?” he says

He continued by saying that he is warning all not to allow Meghan’s good fortune to poison imagination with the vision of ball gowns, tiaras, caviar and Buckingham Palace and not to waste second refining the dating checklist as she got lucky in bagging herself as White Princess, all this will not happen with everyone.

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