Corey Feldman Shares Terrifying Details About Stab Attack

Corey Feldman is speaking out about the terrifying moment when he was allegedly stabbed while in his car.

Corey Feldman Shares Terrifying Moment Details About Stab Attack

The actor/singer was allegedly stabbed with an unidentified object while his security was distracted. The actor posted two pictures of himself hours letter, lying in a hospital bed on Wednesday morning, he told TMZ about the attack.

Feldman said during the interview with TMZ, “My security guy mentions that … he believes somebody’s following us. And then he sees that same car kinda speed up in front of us and then I see the car finally and the car’s basically doing the same thing the car on the freeway was doing: pulling up to people almost looking like he’s going to hit them, kind of just clearing some kind of path. And then he slows down and aligns himself with our window on the passenger side. So when he does that, the guy on the passenger side, which is where my security’s sitting because I’m driving, he looks and he starts giving him the evil eye.”

He revealed that his security guard broke the window a small bit and stared the man down, they were driving before they came to a red light, where a vehicle was in front of Feldman’s car.

Feldman recalled, “The guy pulls up directly behind me and when he does that, somebody gets out of their car, starts approaching our car — he’s a short guy, bald head, Mexican fellow. He comes up to the passenger side and he’s trying to approach the passenger side door and he’s standing there blocking it and he’s like ‘Get back in your car. You might want to move away. Don’t approach our car.’”

He said, “And the guy’s like, ‘What you gonna do about it? You got a gun?’”

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