Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Boy Announcement From The Grammy

Grammy no doubt brought in a big night studded with award distributions and celebration. But a matter of no less importance was revealed. At around the end of the events, the Grammy audiences got to witness Chrissy Teigen announce her news of her conceiving a baby boy with husband John Legend.

As it is a matter of fact that the lady is never very conventional in sharing things on social media, towards the end of the biggest music awards night, Teigen’s followers witnessed her share the sex of her baby on Instagram through a short post.

Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Boy Announcement From The Grammy

She made it through a belly bump picture of her in a neat sparkling silver gown with one hand on her belly bump and the other just finely manicured gripping a super cool red and silver colored clutch.

Uploading the picture for her fans she hashtagged it with a sweet and simple note that read- “mama and her baby boy”.

Just a week prior to the 2018 Grammy, on January 21st the lady had had a photo posted for her fans where she was spotted to be chilling out with her body barely covered by a loosely draped kimono robe.

She had hashtagged the picture with a message that read- “Girls weekend-Quaker Hill, NY-2018”.

The picture marked an assumption among Teigen’s followers that “girls” could be an indication to her and to the unrevealed baby she was conceiving which could be a female as there was no other girl on the picture.

In one of her interviews with the People, a year before her second pregnancy Teigen had been witnessed to be talking about how she and Legend could realize the sex of their first child via in vitro fertilization. She also remarked that the next would be a boy.

Whatever maybe the earlier assumptions and/or predictions, the followers of the celebrity just got satisfied after her Grammy announcement.

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