Chrissy Metz Opens Up About The Most Heartbreaking Moment: Her ‘First Kiss’

This Is Us star, Chrissy Metz knows what’s the bullying is!

Chrissy Metz Opens Up About The Most Heartbreaking Moment: Her 'First Kiss'

In her new book titled This Is Me, the 37-year-old actress spoke out about her ridiculously bitter past, harassment she faced in her childhood, judged for her weight throughout her childhood and teenage years.

The actress told people in this week’s cover story, “By fifth or sixth grade, I started becoming aware of being different in the sense of my size.” She said, “I started to examine everybody else’s body and my own and pick myself apart. …I was wanting to wear a T-shirt when we would go swimming because I didn’t want to expose myself. Emotionally, I was so down on myself.”

Talking about her teen love life, she said of boys, “they would flirt,” adding “but they’d never want to be in a relationship or date me because I was the chubby girl.”

But, the very first boy Metz fell for, Derek, who was her friend Mya’s brother, treated her the most heartbreakingly.

She wrote in her book, “Let me tell you, my first kiss with Derek was — to this day! — one of the most amazing kisses, if not the best of my life.” She continued,  “The next time we were all at Mya’s, I waited for him to acknowledge me in a real way, not just through his secret signals. When he didn’t, I decided this was what I needed to settle for — a wink here and there. He couldn’t let anyone know he liked the fat girl. Got it.”

“If I got too comfortable around him in front of our friends — meaning I said, ‘Hi, Derek’ — he curled that perfect upper lip and looked away, exhaling in disbelief and disgust,” she wrote. “The night before, he’d kissed me and told me I was beautiful.”

“When you’re 14 years old, it’s devastation. Your world is upside down,” she added. “How in the world did I put up with that behavior?”

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