Charles Barkley Urges NBA Teams To Sign Tony Snell So He Can Have Healthcare For His Autistic Sons

Charles Barkley is calling on NBA teams to bring Tony Snell on board to provide healthcare for his autistic children.

The focus is on G-league player Tony Snell for both his on-court skills and his desire to return to the NBA. Snell, who was drafted 20th overall in 2013 by the Chicago Bulls, is just short of reaching the 10-year milestone required for eligibility in the NBA’s retiree benefits program.

In a candid interview with Yahoo Sports, Snell emphasized the urgency of his return to the league, stating, “Of course, I want to come back and play, but I have a bigger purpose now. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about my boys.” He stressed the need for retiree healthcare to support his sons, Karter and Kenzo, who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Following the release of the article, there has been widespread discussion on social media about why the NBA cannot make an exception for Snell. Charles Barkley has taken to national TV to urge NBA teams to sign Snell, drawing further attention to the situation.


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Charles Barkley, while on the show “Inside The NBA,” discussed how the NBA could assist Tony Snell, who has two children with autism. Barkley urged the NBA to help Snell secure a long-term contract so he could obtain a 10-year medical plan for his children’s care.

He mentioned the financial burden of caring for two kids with autism and appealed to the NBA’s sense of unity, hoping that a team would sign Snell for the remainder of the season to support his family.

In response to Barkley’s plea, there was speculation about whether Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner, could make an exception for Snell based on the league’s emphasis on brotherhood.

Barkley expressed his hope that the NBA’s supportive community would rally behind Snell and ensure his signing for the rest of the season, acknowledging the significant costs associated with raising two children with autism.

It is hoped that the attention brought by Barkley and others will prompt an NBA team to sign Snell, with a nod to a potential fit with the Memphis team in particular.

For a discussion on this topic featuring Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson, please watch the video below.

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