Broadway legend Ben Vereen blamed of sexual harassment cases with “Hair” actress

Ben Vereen is an American actor, singer, dancer, and popularly known for his numerous Broadway theatre shows. Recently, the actor has been in the news headlines due to some acquisition regarding his behavior with the actress during the shooting of “hair.”

Broadway legend Ben Vereen blamed of sexual harassment cases with "Hair" actress

Ben Vereen has apologized for his mistake of sexual misconduct with the cast members in 2015, during his theatre production show “hair.” The allegations are from the actresses, as per the sources reported on the Friday by the blog OnStage as well as New York Daily News.

These channels had revealed the dreadful truth about Ben when they were shooting at the Venice Theatre in Florida.

One of the ladies is Kaitlyn Terpstra, who says that she has been forcefully lured to the hot tub with Ben in Florida, and he has touched her inappropriately in his rental house. Isn’t shocking guys?  Well, the story is still on. Ben Veener, has even asked her to get naked in front of the cast.

Numerous numbers of unwanted talks were made during the casting of the show, and actresses have gone through many compromises and disguise.

In the Friday report session, the actor has made his confession that he wants to apologize to the female casts who were there with him during the musical “hair.” Ben says that he wanted to create an atmosphere that will suit the musical, but he ended up in such misconduct and unusually replicated the themes. He has finally understood the things, which was of course not his intention.

Terpstra explained that during a nude scene, where the actress was asked to open up their clothes, but Ben has also done the same, and explained later that he did that for weight loss.

Another actress found with the name Kim only, says the similar story like Terpstra. Kim adds few more things which will surely take the mind out of track. Ben forced her to perform oral sex in the hot tub.

Terpstra tells her views regarding the misconduct by Ben, where once Ben has said to her that nudity is the central part of “hair.” She was initially not interested in getting into the tub, but, later she compromised and went. Terpstra even cried for her stupidity, which she realized then.

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