Brad Pitt may be the reason behind Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux separation: Report

A few days ago, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux revealed about their separation. Well, that was the most shocking news for their fans. But, their shocking separation still in headlines as many people have started giving some reason behind their separation. While in one report it is stated that their relationship imbued with issues before their marriage, another report shows that it is Brad Pitt, ex-husband of Jennifer who has some role in this. Sources informed that Pitt caused tension in their life and that was the reason behind their separation.

As per the report, Justin flattered on some old post which had some relation with Bad Pitts. Those posts include some words like “Sweet little Post-its like You looked nice tonight or Miss you already. “Those notes impacted him most. But, Jen assured him that those matters weren’t such big deal. Sources stated “Justin wasn’t thrilled … Justin had moments of insecurity like that.”

Brad Pitt may be the reason behind Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux separation: Report

Sources closer to the pair recently stated, “Ever since they became serious, the living issue often made them bicker.” The previous report informed that Jennifer has some feelings toward Brad.  Sources further added, “Jen and Brad have remained close since their 2005 split, but she has leaned on him more over the past 15 months.”

The pair had a long-distance relationship and had been living separately for more than two months. While Justin was spending time in New York, on the other side Jennifer was living in Los Angeles, because she was not interested to stay in the pokey apartments in New York.

Another source stated “He much prefers being in New York and that’s been a major issue for them for a long time. ” Well, Justin tried his best to make his wife comfortable in New York but he failed to do so.

It may be noted that the duo announced their separation earlier in February and stated “In an effort to reduce any further speculation, we have decided to announce our separation. This decision was mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year.”


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