BottleRock music festival temporarily closed as armed robbery suspect flees towards Napa Valley Expo

A San Francisco man, 27 was arrested by the Napa Police Department on Saturday near BottleRock music festival after he escaped from an armed robbery and tried to evade the law enforcement. As per the Napa police statement, the incident, which led to a temporary closure of the festival’s entrance gates, took place on Saturday afternoon near Silverado Trail when the Napa Central Dispatch got a 911 call at 4 pm about an armed robbery.

BottleRock music festival temporarily closed as armed robbery suspect flees towards Napa Valley Expo

The victims informed the police that they met the suspects to carry out a private party jewellery sale, according to the Napa police. The victims, who luckily did not get injured in the incident, told the police that the suspects fled from the spot in a Hyundai. Later, the Napa County sheriff’s deputies spotted the car near Hagen Road as well as First Avenue.

The deputies followed the vehicle which was going towards Napa Valley Expo, where the music festival was going on. The suspects stopped the vehicle near the festival grounds and fled. One of the suspects, named William Carter was arrested by the police immediately just at the entrance near the Third Street while another suspect was last spotted outside the venue, the police said.

The Napa police said that William Carter was arrested many times earlier for offences that include armed robbery, conspiracy to carry out a crime, evading law enforcement and assault using a deadly weapon likely to cause an injury.

The police described the second suspect as a light-skin coloured Latino man having curly hair and are probably between 20-30 years old. As per the police, he was seen wearing a black colour T-shirt and jeans. The entrance of the BottleRock music festival was closed for around an hour while the investigation was being carried out and was reopened in the evening after 5 pm.

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