Blue Ivy and Beyonce featured video “Family Feud” is released by Jay Z along with making a reveal regarding infidelity

Jay Z released his long-awaited music video, Friday on his music streaming service, Tidal along with big revelation and stars in it.

The star-studded cast includes his better half Beyonce which is credited in the video as  Beyonce  Knowles  Carter, Brie Larson, Thandei Newton, Micheal B. Jordan,  David Oyelowo, Jessica Chastain and  Mindy Kaling.

The teaser of the video was released in a tweet from Tidal on Thursday.  The entire video is available to the subscribers now.  The video that is almost of eight minutes is directed by Ava Duvernay who takes a trip back to history by being in the year of 2444 and going back to 2018 with Blue Ivy who is the daughter who is the daughter in the video along with the Jay Z  in the church. Beyonce, his wife, makes her appearance in the video.

The video has a vibe of Godfather to it which encompasses the cathedral scene to the picture. Jay- Z also makes references to the classic movies while making the raps.

The music star begins rapping for around five and a half minute after which he goes to a confession where he seems to be admitting to infidelity to the megastar Beyonce by making a rap “ I (messed) up… let me alone, Becky / A man  who  don’t acre …can’t be rich.”

The film switches to Beyonce having a very regal look in a loyal blue headpiece that has a Renaissance look.  At a moment in a song,  Jay Z asks for “Amen”  right from the congregation and then his lady, Beyonce carries the sing forward.  The conclusion of the song goes like “ Nobody wins when the  family feuds.”

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