Black Panther breaking all box office records!

The Hollywood experts were reported to be making a statement about Black Panther before release that no one is going to watch a movie with the entire black cast. They also said that the actors and directors of color are “less bankable than their white male counterparts.” Then the movie got released and now it is a big slap for all those slammers who said all that stuff about the film. The movie has made an estimated worth $235 million in just four days and it is continuing.

Black panther- breaking all box office records!

The director Ryan Coogler’s film Black Panther has been ranked as “the biggest February opening weekend ever, the biggest non-sequel debut ever, and the top grossing film by a black director.” This black director is making new speculations in the Hollywood industry and his film is being called as one-of-a-marvel films that have exceeded all the expectations from all aspects.

But, as a viewer, make sure you clear your perception, Black Panther is not a black film, and Black Panther is not only meant for black people. If that was true, every other film would be called as a white film whatsoever, but that is not the case.

This movie is for all. Just like any other superhero film, Black Panther features all the elements such as tragedy, action, fantasy, humor, and a strong backstory. It is certainly an exceptional film because it has all the appealing characters in it along with the amazing song, costume, scenes, and with a witty remark that was crafted with an intention.

The movie is said to be doing wonders at the box office and it is just the 4th day and 3 more days are yet to finish a week. The collection of a film is supposed to be calculated when it crosses a week but with such a good response from the audience all over the globe, it is estimated that Black Panther is her to stay and is going to break all the previous Hollywood records.

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