Blac Chyna may be a target of a lawsuit from the family of brain-dead assistant

Blac Chyna may be a target of a lawsuit that the family of her former house manager can file against her.

Blac Chyna may be a target of a lawsuit from the family of brain-dead assistant

Image Source: Page Six

As per sources, Chyna’s manager Lorena “Patty” Hernandez was pronounced brain dead by the doctors on Monday following a third brain bleed. She took her last breath on Thursday morning after her family decided to remove her from the life support system.

Patty, the mother of three children, suffered a seizure in July 2017 while she was working in Chyna’s hair salon which left her blind partially. He still worked and helped Chyna with her clothing line called ’88 Fin’ although the doctors had advised her to rest. Later, Patty again suffered a brain bleed in December leaving her unconscious. After spending a few days at the hospital, she was released when her condition was stable.

However, in January this year, Patty suffered from a severe seizure again which caused the third brain bleed, which was of a stronger magnitude that slipped her into a coma. That was when the family decided to take her off the life support. The family has decided to donate Patty’s organs to science.

According to sources, Chyna had just visited Patty in the hospital once only to tell the doctors and others not to disclose details about the seizure to anyone outside and had kept Patty’s husband in the dark.

Now, Patty’s husband is planning to file a lawsuit against Chyna as he claims that she did not provide any workers compensation to his wife for her treatment, the sources said. Chyna’s exes, Rob Kardashian and Tyga reportedly made it a point to donate money for Patty’s GoFundMe account to help her family cover the medical expenses for the treatment when she was in a coma. Tyga donated about $5000 while Kardashian donated about $10,000.

However, the source said that Chyna did not extend any financial assistance. The source concluded that Chyna’s lawyer will be taking care of the situation and hope to handle everything in the right way.

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