Blac Chyna Imitates Kylie Jenner In Selfie

Selfies are always on trend and when it comes to following our celebs, their selfies set trends for many followers and fans. The new selfie on social media platform which shook everyone is of Blac Chyna. She recently posted a selfie on Instagram and getting so many likes. So what is the different thing in that selfie?

Blac Chyna Imitates Kylie Jenner In Selfie

It is hitting everyone’s mind as Blac Chyna is looking exactly same as Kylie Jenner, the famous actor of Hollywood. It is really a difficult job for everyone to distinguish between Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna by first observing the selfie.

Blac Chyna is so-called Sister-in-law of Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna had catfights and used to be enemies. The reason why they both hated each other is Rob. Rob was Chyna’s ex and she has a baby King Cairo with him.

Kylie Jenner broke up with him as he was engaged with Chyna. The thing got worse and they separated. Now the Kylie Jenner has become the mom of her present boyfriend Travis Scott. Chyna and Rob had a disastrous breakup resulting in fights and ultimately Lawsuits. Now Chyna is dating an 18-year-old guy YBN Almighty Jay.

The selfie of Blac Chyna had all the elements resembling Kylie Jenner which she posted on Instagram on March 9. Earlier she posted a photo with a grey wig and she was recognized easily as Chyna but the latest picture set Instagram on fire. We can see Big eyelashes and brown eyes of Chyna which looked fab.

Long manicured nails and perfect nail paint on them. Long straight Hair locks, that appealed most to the eyes. The 29-year-old Chyna successfully duplicates Kylie and this selfie added a boom to that. Chyna was posting many photos and once uploaded a video in which she was crying. Many fans commented and asked what happened and many downs are coming in her life. Some are criticising her.

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