Bill Gates’ Daughter Phoebe Raises Concerns Over Memes and Comments About Her Boyfriend

Phoebe Gates, the youngest daughter of Bill Gates, recently posted a photo on Instagram showing her with a man of color kissing her on the cheek. This picture stirred up a storm of trolls leaving messy comments and making references to “City Boyz” memes about her partner.

The student from Stanford University has not officially confirmed their relationship with her companion, but the users on social media didn’t hold back in sharing their opinions on the potential couple.

Various jokes circulated about the intimate moment captured in the photo, their interracial relationship, and obviously, Gates’ astonishment. And the jokes just kept coming.

For instance, Twitter user @1RobRich posted, “Phoebe Gates and her boyfriend pulling up to Bill Gates [sic] for Thanksgiving,” accompanied by Desi Banks’ recent video titled “When A Proper Girl Goes Out With A ‘Hood’ Dude For The First Time.”

Lil Duval shared Phoebe’s photo on his Instagram page with the caption, “The City Boys are up!”

A tweet mentioned that the black community commented on securing the bag, and another tweet mentioned getting reparations one way or another, referring to Bill Gates’ daughter dating a black man. Others also commented positively on the relationship. Some Twitter users speculated about Bill Gates’ reaction to his daughter dating a black man, suggesting he might create a new virus to end the relationship, which is unlikely. It’s important that parents appreciate their children’s relationships based on love, respect, and acceptance and not on racial differences. Finding a partner who treats you well is key in a generation that sometimes glorifies toxicity.

Phoebe Gates recently made headlines for supporting a pro-choice campaign, and now her relationship with a black man is a topic of discussion. Let’s hope the internet gives her a break by August.

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