Benefits of the latest gel manicure trend

If you are among those women who love to have the nails look fresh and clean throughout the week, then you surely should try out a gel manicure. Although it will cost you a little extra, the best part of a gel manicure is that it stays good for around two weeks. The normal nail paint that you apply tends to chip off, crack or even peel within just a few hours of application and so you have to stay extra careful not to use the hands until the nail polish dries out completely.

Benefits of the latest gel manicure trend

However, gel manicure has become an ongoing trend lately as it brings about a fresh and pretty look on your nails and at the same time, stays for a longer duration. Therefore, you will no longer have to head to a salon for a polish change or to get a fresh manicure done every week in the case. Even though many people say that gel manicures are not good for the nails or the skin, the skincare and beauty experts suggest that gel coating on the nail is not harmful when done the right way. Hence, apart from the long-lasting benefit of the gel manicures, the other reason why such a kind of polish is better than the standard kind is that it gives the nail actual health boost.

According to the experts, the gel coating on the nail provides a benefit which many people may not know. As the nails are porous and tend to absorb water, just like a sponge, the gel coating on it serves as a barrier which facilitates low absorption of water. Thus, the nails do not absorb water and stand fewer chances of breaking or peeling when you opt for gel manicures.

However, ensure that you give the nails enough of breathing time by going natural for a week or two. This will help them grow and heal naturally and also improve the hand health.  

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