Ban the artist who abuses is a brave decision but an unrealistic Crusade

There is a lot of women who come forward and share their stories of the abuse, kidnapping but the one who is yet to charged offender R.Kelly maintains the innocence. Everyone knows that the R&B legend traps the young girls with promised name, fame and true love.

Ban the artist who abuses is a brave decision but an unrealistic Crusade

But last year news broke out that Kelly had kept a women hostage in an abusive cult. Since then the story broke out and came under the lens of media. The story has got all the details about how Kelly abused the victim and drugged to flat out the abused.

The artist is formally yet to be charged with anything. So now the Spotify has taken stern action against the artist by pulling of Kelly’s music from the promoted playlist. The company stated that it would remove all the R.Kelly’s music from all the Spotify owned playlist as well as from the algorithmic recommendations such as Discover weekly.

The company stated that we do not censor a content just because of the creator’s behavior, but the company also has some of the editorial decisions to take some tuff decisions. The artist is doing something harmful or hateful which conveys a wrong message to the society, and it may also affect the ways we work. The official statement came from the Kelly who said that he has huge respect for the women.

Although the Spotify promotes some artist, who are convicted felons. It is only for those who have been arrested on charges of domestic violence as well the artist who sing lyrics which is violent and anti-woman. Apart from Kelly, there is another artist who was excluded from the Spotify playlist. The artist has been charged with various levels of abuse.

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