Aziz Ansari speaks about the allegation of sexual misconduct

The sexual misconduct allegation on him was completely consensual; this was the statement of the comedian Aziz Ansari while asked about the allegation.

The woman referred the article under the pseudonym Grace, identified as a 23-year-old photographer from New York, has informed that, the date with Ansari made her feel violated.

The report came to limelight after the woman spoke about Ansari after seeing him wearing a “Time’s Up” pin while accepting a Golden Globe for his Netflix series Master of None. It shows the image of the modern romance and the absurdities of dating culture.

Aziz Ansari speaks about the allegation of sexual misconduct

As per the sources, the woman had alleged that after a date when they went back to the Ansari’s home, there Ansari tried to initiate sex with her and that made her uncomfortable, and she left Ansari’s house. She felt “uncomfortable at how quickly things escalated.”

The woman further stated that Ansari tried to pressure her into various sexual acts without noticing her act of discomfort. Well, after that incident, the woman messaged Ansari to let him know about that his act had uneasy and awkward, but he ignored her and replayed that “clearly, I misread things at the moment and I’m truly sorry.” Later she realized that that was a sexual assault.

However, on Sunday, Ansari gave a statement confirming the basic outline of the encounter. In that statement, he had mentioned that he had privately apologized for that incident. In the statement, he has outlined all the detail. As per the statement, Ansari met the woman at a party in September 2017. They both exchanged their numbers in the party and texted for a while. They both agreed to go on a date. But unfortunately, they ended up engaging in sexual activity.

Well, the only thing that is to see is what will be the next steps of the woman who brought such allegation against him.

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