Art teacher in Utah fired for showing children classical paintings that have nude imagery

Rococo and Impressionist nudes were shown to the kids studying in 6th grades as educational cards accidentally.  The art teacher who presented these painting is striving hard to get the job back.  The complaint related to the pornography was lodged against him and has been further rejected by the respective prosecutors. 

The art teacher, Mateo Rueda, makes plans for appealing regarding his firing by claiming the fact of defamation of character associated with the manner in which Lincoln Elementary School regulated it. The school has not reportedly fired the teacher over the presentation of the nude paintings; however, the students are upset by the reaction that Rueda gave over the paintings, art stated by Herald Journal.

The incident happened on December 4., 2017  right when the 6th-grade students were given the instruction to study and examine the art postcards from the library of Cache  County school.  The collection of “The Art Box” had been an integral part of the collection of the library for many years right before Mateo Rueda started teaching there.  The teacher reported that he was not aware of the presence of nude pictures in the 100 cards.  The controversial pieces of art that the teacher showed to the class were “Odalisque” by the French artists Francois Boucher and the “Iris Tree” by Amadeo  Modigliani, an Italian painter.

The art teacher stated to the Herald Journal that he took back the nude postcards immediately after he sensed that the students were feeling uncomfortable. He further stated that he went to explain to the student that art sometimes includes the images which may not be comfortable some of the time, however, art is understood in a proper way when the painting are put in proper and appropriate context.

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