Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks on Eliza Dushku’s allegation

True Lies’ actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has spoken on the allegation made by Eliza Dushku and said he is proud of her for speaking out all these. In the movie True Lies, Eliza Dushku starred as Arnold’ daughter.

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks on Eliza Dushku’s allegation

On Monday, Tom Arnold, a co-star in True Lies twitted that he, Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and James Cameron would have done something if they had known about all these things.

Replaying this, Schwarzenegger tweeted “You bet your ass all of us would have done something.”

Supporting, Dushku, Actress Jamie Lee Curtis also has given her comment on HuffPost this week. She had played the role of mother of Dushku in the movie.

It may be noted that a few days ago Dushku had made an allegation on Joel Kramer, a leading stunt coordinator in Hollywood whose recent credits include Westworld and Furious 7, and alleged that he had taken her to his Miami hotel room during the shooting of the movie and sexually assaulted her in his room. He had taken her for a swim in the hotel’s swimming pool.

On the other hand, Kramer has denied Dushku’s allegations. He said all these are entirely untrue. He informed that Dushku swam in the hotel’s swimming pool with him and other members of the stunt crew also were there. After that, he took her home. Nothing such happened on that day.

Now, further investigation will bring the truth of this incident. However, the thing is now getting more worsens for Kramer. Two other women also have accused Kramer of sexual misconduct.  One woman said that Kramer had forced her for oral sex in his car while another woman stated that he tempted her sister friend and took her hotel and had sex with her. The incident had happened in 1997. Kramer also denied the two allegations.

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