AMC suspends Chris Hardwick’s talk show following abuse allegations

Just a few days ago, the television show host Chris Hardwick had certain serious allegations posed against him when his ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra penned down a detailed essay on how he emotionally and sexually abused her in their three-year-long relationship.

AMC suspends Chris Hardwick’s talk show following abuse allegations

Hardwick denied all of the allegations posed against him in an official statement but that had not stopped AMC network to take action while the network continued to look into the matter.

On Saturday, AMC suspended the second season of Chris Hardwick’s television chat show ‘Talking with Chris Hardwick’ even though the network has not canceled the show as yet. Moreover, AMC says that the host and comedian will step aside from both AMC and BBC America panels at San Diego in July.

After discovering the allegations, the geek and entertainment news website ‘Nerdist,’ actually founded by Hardwick, removed any kind of references and association of Hardwick with the outlet. It was believed that Hardwick was the CEO of ‘Nerdist,’ but as per the owner Legendary Digital Networks, Hardwick did not get involved with the outlet’s operations for two years, until the expiration of his contract in December last year.

We will have to wait if AMC will take any further action of ending their professional bond with Hardwick. Such a big decision will most likely be taken when the network conducts a thorough assessment of the situation.

On the other hand, NBC is still deciding whether it will be renewing their game show ‘The Wall’ which is hosted and produced by Hardwick. It looks like NBA will also look into the situation as the network said in its statement, “We are continuing to assess the situation and will take appropriate action based on the outcome.”

The accusation against Hardwick has grabbed a lot of attention and controversy. Well, we will have to see what happens in the case.   

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