ABC may soon announce ‘Roseanne’ reboot anytime in the coming days

ABC is looking forward to having a second reboot of the show ‘Roseanne’, as per a new report by TMZ.

ABC may soon announce ‘Roseanne’ reboot anytime in the coming days

The sources who are familiar with the situation have told TMZ that ABC is ready to kick start with a reboot of the popular show officially. It is said that the network will soon be announcing their plans for the show’s future after the executives are done finalizing negotiations with the original ‘Roseanne’ series producer Tom Werner. It is said that his involvement has finally made it possible to seal the deal and trigger on the reboot of a show.

The sources further said that ABC is ‘fine tuning last-minute details,’ specifically with the absence of Roseanne, who was not just the limelight of the show but was also the executive producer.

TMZ in its report further said that the network is now focusing on the other character of the show, Darlene, played by Sara Gilbert. John Goodman seems to be very much interested in coming back and working on the reboot as is the other cast and crew of the show.

Even though ABC has a strong reason to remove Roseanne as the actor and executive producer of the show, the executives are still trying to figure out how to deal with the financial stakes owned by Roseanne Barr. Due to a contract between the network and Roseanne, ABC may be forced to pay her funds for her participation in the development of the series, before they proceed and cut her out from the revenue of the upcoming reboot.

Notably, ‘Roseanne’ was canceled as Barr posted a racist tweet about Valerie, Jarrett, Barack Obama aide. Although there were clauses included in the contract to justify in case of firings in such offenses, the credits of the producer may be hard to move.

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