A 7-year-old Brooklynn Prince is a social butterfly! New Age of Social Media For Star Kids

A 7-year-old Brooklynn Prince is a social butterfly!

The Critics’ Choice Award-winning child actress, who starred in the Oscar-nominated The Florida Project, has a busy social media life. The child actress is on Facebook and Twitter, but she’s far away from her largest audience follows her on Instagram, little Brooklynn has over 91,000 followers on Instagram at the age of just 7.

A 7-year-old Brooklynn Prince is a social butterfly! New Age of Social Media For Star Kids

She’s is among those pre-teen rising Hollywood stars with an active social media life under her parents’ watchful eye. In today’s modern world, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the new reality of kid stardom. Sometimes access is expectedly encouraged by studios and publicists while sometimes there’s always a chance of things going wrong with social media, stardom, and fandom.

Brooklynn’s account was created by her mother Courtney Prince and a very talented coach in the Orlando area after the child actress starred in “a little movie.” Courtney revealed that she set her daughter’s social media account “kind of more for fun” when she noticed that her Instagram posts were mostly about her star daughter.

And now as Brooklynn has a stardom, Courtney, and hubby Justin Prince, say what to post on social media has been “a learning process.” She revealed that at first, the couple struck with some silly posts like what their star daughter wore to school that day. Courtney said, “When she kind of actually started getting followers, then I was kind of like, ‘We need to be a little more discretionary about the things we post.’ We try to keep it more geared towards things she was doing professionally.”

The child actress has a say in what she posts on social media, but not that much. “Sometimes she’ll say something random and she’ll be like, ‘Post that on Twitter, mom, please.’ Or, one day we were just sitting here, when she saw this really cute picture of John Boyega—which she would probably kill me if she knew I told you this—but she saw this really cute picture of John Boyega and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s my Man crush Monday,’ and then she was like, ‘Yeah, post that on Instagram.'”

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